Document – Elements of Skin Exam

Palpation of scalp and inspection of hair of scalp, eyebrows, face,
chest, pubic area (when indicated) and extremities
Inspection and/or palpation of skin and subcutaneous tissue (eg,
rashes, lesions, ulcers, susceptibility to and presence of photo
damage) in eight of the following ten areas:
Head, including the face and
Chest, including breasts and axillae
Genitalia, groin, buttocks
Right upper extremity
Left upper extremity
Right lower extremity
Left upper extremity
NOTE: For the comprehensive level, the examination of at least eight anatomic
areas must be performed and documented. For the three lower levels of
examination, each body area is counted separately. For example, inspection
and/or palpation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the right upper extremity
and the left upper extremity constitutes two elements.
Inspection of eccrine and apocrine glands of skin and subcutaneous
tissue with identification and location of any hyperhidrosis,
chromhidroses or bromhidrosis

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